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can a 50 watts solar panel charge a 100amp battery?

March 31, 2011 by admin  
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Question by alakurolanre: can a 50 watts solar panel charge a 100amp battery?
i did an installation of a 50 watts solar panel to charge a 100amp battery but the battery was not charging. i want to be sure that a 50 watts solar panel can charge a 100amp battery

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Answer by Mel
The pannel puts out 50 watts it should also say at so many amps. it should charge the battery it will just take it a while. My battery is 280 cranking amps and it charges off a trickle charger that only puts out a max of 20 amps.

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3 Responses to “can a 50 watts solar panel charge a 100amp battery?”
  1. Sandy G says:

    What is the voltage output of the solar panel?
    What is the rated voltage of the charged battery?

    Impossible to tell otherwise.

  2. Mike S says:

    yes it can, but the battery needs charging voltage to be greater than it’s nominal voltage. If the panell can not porivde sufficient power to the battery it’ll still charge but will take longer

  3. billrussell42 says:

    Sandy is correct. If you have a 12 volt battery, and the solar panel puts out a max of 8 volts, you will never charge the battery.

    In real life, you would put some electronics between the array and the battery to control the rate of charge, when you get the voltages corrected. If not, you could overcharge and damage the battery.

    Actually, if you did this installation without even checking the voltages, you need to get it reviewed by a good electrician or electronics technician.

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